Success Story! Belinda Hunter Family Reunion T Shirts

I actually started calling around for our Family Reunion T Shirts about 6 months before the reunion just to get prices.  I Googled Family Reunion T-shirts and I saw the ad and called.   I called several people that day and I just found Terry to be very helpful and answered all my questions.  He asked me a lot of questions about my family and seemed to care more about the reunion than he did about actually selling me t-shirts, lol.

I chose Ferret Brothers because Terry mentioned his T-shirt kickstart program and I got a discount plus I got to see the design and fix mistakes before I ordered and I got free shipping.  I didn’t pay until they were shipped out and he texted me a picture of the t-shirts in the boxes and the ups label before I paid.  That was important to me because I am located in Illinois and I was nervous with him being so far away.

The quality of the t-shirts was great and the design was great.  Exactly what we were looking for.

I would definitely recommend Ferret Brothers to my friends because they were eager to help me, the price was great, and the shipping was fast.

Jeff Derosia The Stump Company Baton Rouge

Success Story! Jeff D From the Stump Company

Success Story! Jason from Carpe Diem Poet’s Society

“We have a poetry contest every year and I placed my t-shirt order at [REDACTED] 6 weeks before the event. I approved the proof and paid the deposit and then when I went to pick them up, the guy said that they had a busy week and they wouldn’t be ready until Monday.”

I called around with only two days to get the shirts done and Terry from Ferret Brothers was the only one that could do them. They were ready on Friday and the quality was excellent!

Outside of actually getting the shirts done in a rush, the thing that I liked about the process with Ferret Brothers Custom T-Shirts is that from the second I called, Terry was extremely helpful and enthusiastic and after a few questions he had for me about the order his immediate response was, “NO PROBLEM!”

The Reason I initially called was because I saw a testimonial on Facebook for Ferret Brothers by a guy who said that Terry self-proclaimed that he was the “King of Turnaround” and I was praying that was true.

I would recommend Ferret Brothers for Custom T-Shirts in a heartbeat. They delivered a great product on a short time-frame and came through in the clutch for me.”

Manny From II Alpha Defense Ferret Brothers Custom T-Shirts Success Story

Manny From II Alpha Defense

Success Story! Mallory from Dr. Robicheaux’s Office

We’ve been with Ferret Brothers now for about 3 years and we place an order about every two months. We give them out to our new patients when they come in for their first visit. I can’t honestly remember why we originally called Ferret Brothers but I remember saying the pricing was great and Terry was very upfront about the process and the deadline.

We had used a company in the area previously and they were almost always late. Ferret Brothers have never been late on an order and Terry always has time for me and is in a good mood when I call. It sounds weird, I know, but a lot of places you call nowadays sound half asleep when you call and it almost seems like you are bothering them when you are asking a lot of questions.

Terry is very accommodating and I know that I am high maintenance sometimes, lol… like when I call him the day before the order is due and add shirts to the order.

I would absolutely recommend Ferret Brothers for t-shirts. They are always fast, they come out perfect and the customer service is terrific.

Oh, and one time Terry showed up out of the blue at our office and brought us bagels for breakfast!

Tyler R.

Rich Prine

I generally place a t-shirt order every quarter for my business and I’ve been using Terry for about 5 years now.

I used a few different companies before that and my experiences had mixed results. Some were good and some were bad.

I called initially because the last place I used closed and I had to find someone new and I’ve never went anywhere else since.

The customer service is excellent, the quality is great and they are always on time. Terry calls to check in on me quite a bit just to say hi and to see how I’m doing.

I would definitely recommend Ferret Brothers, in fact, I carry Terry’s cards with me to give out to other companies I meet on the jobsites. I know that they will always do a great job.

Ms. Jennie

Please Check out Ms. Jennies Story. It made my whole Day!

“We are having our family reunion this Saturday and let me tell you that I had no idea how much work something like this took. Family members who I hadn’t spoke to in years popped out of the shadows to give their input on the t-shirts and someone got in a argument almost every day. No one could get their sizes straight and then it was like pulling teeth to get the money out of people. It was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done.

I got assigned the t-shirt task last minute when my cousin dropped the ball. I chose a t-shirt place, gave the due date and paid my deposit. Then I never heard from them for almost two weeks. I finally got a hold of them and they sent me the proof for approval and I clarified the due date.

On Wednesday I went to pick up the shirts and they told me that they were behind schedule and they wouldn’t be ready until Monday. MONDAY! The reunion is on Saturday!

I started calling around in a panic and no one could help me with such a short turn-around time. Ferret Brothers was about the 5th place that I called and Terry said, in his usual way-too-happy voice that it would be no problem.

I sent him the design and the t-shirt sizes and he had them ready for me in 3 days! He came through for me at a time when I was about to lose it! They looked great and the quality was great.

Terry has my business for life. Thank you.”