Success Story! Mallory from Dr. Robicheaux’s Office

We’ve been with Ferret Brothers now for about 3 years and we place an order about every two months. We give them out to our new patients when they come in for their first visit. I can’t honestly remember why we originally called Ferret Brothers but I remember saying the pricing was great and Terry was very upfront about the process and the deadline.

We had used a company in the area previously and they were almost always late. Ferret Brothers have never been late on an order and Terry always has time for me and is in a good mood when I call. It sounds weird, I know, but a lot of places you call nowadays sound half asleep when you call and it almost seems like you are bothering them when you are asking a lot of questions.

Terry is very accommodating and I know that I am high maintenance sometimes, lol… like when I call him the day before the order is due and add shirts to the order.

I would absolutely recommend Ferret Brothers for t-shirts. They are always fast, they come out perfect and the customer service is terrific.

Oh, and one time Terry showed up out of the blue at our office and brought us bagels for breakfast!