Manny From II Alpha Defense Ferret Brothers Custom T-Shirts Success Story

Manny From II Alpha Defense

Success Story! Mallory from Dr. Robicheaux’s Office

We’ve been with Ferret Brothers now for about 3 years and we place an order about every two months. We give them out to our new patients when they come in for their first visit. I can’t honestly remember why we originally called Ferret Brothers but I remember saying the pricing was great and Terry was very upfront about the process and the deadline.

We had used a company in the area previously and they were almost always late. Ferret Brothers have never been late on an order and Terry always has time for me and is in a good mood when I call. It sounds weird, I know, but a lot of places you call nowadays sound half asleep when you call and it almost seems like you are bothering them when you are asking a lot of questions.

Terry is very accommodating and I know that I am high maintenance sometimes, lol… like when I call him the day before the order is due and add shirts to the order.

I would absolutely recommend Ferret Brothers for t-shirts. They are always fast, they come out perfect and the customer service is terrific.

Oh, and one time Terry showed up out of the blue at our office and brought us bagels for breakfast!

Tyler R.

Rich Prine

I generally place a t-shirt order every quarter for my business and I’ve been using Terry for about 5 years now.

I used a few different companies before that and my experiences had mixed results. Some were good and some were bad.

I called initially because the last place I used closed and I had to find someone new and I’ve never went anywhere else since.

The customer service is excellent, the quality is great and they are always on time. Terry calls to check in on me quite a bit just to say hi and to see how I’m doing.

I would definitely recommend Ferret Brothers, in fact, I carry Terry’s cards with me to give out to other companies I meet on the jobsites. I know that they will always do a great job.

Do you need a reason to Quench Your Soul?

Do you need a reason to Quench Your Soul?

Group of young men and women in bar, sharing pizzaThree reasons I love a nice dinner with friends:

#1…. One hour with the phone turned off.

#2…. The conversations are irreplaceable even though the stories might be tried and true.

#3…. After all these years, there are few people in my life I would rather spend time with than a small group of old friends.

Call an old friend and go to dinner. The quiet nights of a nice dinner might be just what you need to quench the soul.

So where is your favorite place to escape?

So where is your favorite place to escape?

We sometimes escape in a good book or we sometimes escape with a walk on the beach, but every now and then we have to run away and hide in that favorite place where people care that we are there.

You should have a place that you go to when trying to impress, and there is always that other place you go to forget all the baggage in life. Good friends, good conversation and a small intimate place that is just right for you.

Don’t you deserve someplace that is just all about you? If you set aside an hour or two a week just for you to regroup, relax, and escape would you even notice that lost time at the end of your week?

We say to ourselves that we just can’t spare the time but if you were forced to take that time and then you looked back at your week, would you even notice it… would anything less get done? If something small didn’t get done, would it really matter?

Maybe try it this week and then look back at the end of the week and see.

Thomas Jefferson’s salary was $25,000 per year

Thomas Jefferson’s salary was $25,000 per year($462,000 in today’s dollars) – a huge sum at the time, but his expenses were also great. In 1801 Jefferson spent $6,500 for provisions and groceries, $2,700 for servants, $500 for his assistant’s salary, and $3,000 for wine.

It sounds a lot like the politicians of today doesn’t it? I’m not judging or trying to paint a negative picture of our former President. After all, he did great things for the country and I’m sure he was a stand-up guy and please don’t forget that he negotiated the Louisiana Purchase from France for 3 cents an acre that led to the formation of our great state!

All I’m saying is that some things haven’t changed over the years as much as we thought.

Mr. Jefferson, we have a Louisiana snoball for you and maybe a couple t-shirts that you might like.

These may not be true, but I like to believe them anyways

These may not be true, but I like to believe them anyways:

1. When you eat and drink the good stuff, your friends who stayed at home will gain the weight.

2. The “more you drink the better I look” has limits and there is always the reality of tomorrow morning.

3. All kids are funnier when they wear goofy sun glasses.

4. A good dinner and glass of wine heals almost all minor domestic disputes.

5. If your teenagers are driving you insane, order a pizza and take your significant out to dinner.

6. Soft lights and candles make almost food taste much better as well as making you look younger too.

7. If your day absolutely was miserable, it is the state law that you must order dessert.

Are you Neglecting Yourself?

The busier you get, the more you neglect the most important person in your life… you. Quiet time is a lost art. Remember how it works? You call someone you care about, or even go alone, and spend an hour sitting somewhere quietly with the phone off, perhaps a book or notebook, and spend time chatting or writing about the the things worth remembering in life.

This was much easier back in the day when the world ran at a slower place and no one could dream of being connected every second of every day.

Quiet time is healing time, reflection time, you time and there is no better way to get energized for life than simply ignoring the outside world for an hour or two.

I believe food is life and life is food

I believe food is life and life is food. I believe a meal is meant to be enjoyed slowly with friends, along with a glass of good wine or a cold beer. I also believe that the quality of the food is more important than the quantity.

Sharing a meal dates back to the beginning of the human race and was always an intimate eating experience surrounded by people who work hard to make you feel you belong there whether its family, friends, tribe, or culture.

We live in a time where we are constantly in a rush between obligations and choices, hectic jobs, shuttling kids to their activities and moving too fast from the place you’re in to the place that you were supposed to be 2 minutes ago.

Take a moment this weekend and slowly enjoy a nice meal with someone you care about. Smile a bit more than you have been, laugh a bit more than you have been, eat a little slower than you have been, and reflect a little longer than you have been.