16′ Swooper Flags

Attention grabbing! Dense weave, heavy duty double-knit mesh, so they fly in the slightest breeze, but last. This is one of the most impressive flags and advertising media for the money you will ever find!

Are you shopping for the largest, most prominent advertising displays for your car dealership or retail store?

Swooper flags are an excellent means of promoting advertisements and announcements at any professional location. The auto dealer banners are unique in that they are available with many pedestal options, functional features and quality custom printing choices. These custom swooper flags, or feather banners, are versatile enough to assist with increasing brand recognition, developing a client base and building awareness of specific merchandise.

Promotional aids, or feather flags, generally implement brightly colored messages in order to successfully captivate bystanders. The swooper flags offered here are often combined with flag pole hardware, which enables them to be applied as a total advertising solution. In addition, these car banners can be tailored to aim marketing messages at intended audiences.

Swooper flag hardware is perhaps most effective when coupled with various custom emblems for very flexible and highly updatable auto dealer promotions. Ferret Brothers provides these swooper flags in several sizes and configurations, so there is an option for every purpose.


Swooper flags are built for use in a variety of applications, including carnivals, concerts and sporting events. These message banners are also ideal for indoor affairs, like conventions or trade shows. These car flags are engineered to weather fair to moderate outdoor conditions. This swooper flag or auto dealer banner allows for prevalent advertising in the wind, rain or snow with no problems. Many times, gusty winds can cause damage, but these banners are made from premium materials to avert destruction. While some flag pole systems let a car flag get twisted and wrapped around the center support, our banner stands spin with wind gusts. This feature prevents the flag pole from falling down and keeps the swooper flag from becoming entangled. An additional advantage of this ability is that the turning motion itself catches viewers’ eyes. With our sturdy swooper flag pole hardware, users can ensure the longest-lasting fixtures.

They can also be sure the signage is apparent and easily read when on display. Use only the best swooper flag styles to keep your custom vinyl or digital prints in plain sight. Join the many who have generated high impact messages and watch as your own organization’s profits increase!

Why are these swooper flag displays an exceptional alternative for showcasing promotions outdoors?

The auto dealer flags offer simple designs that can be transported to and from events with ease. We also carry sizes large or small enough to work with any merchandising needs.

The feather signs can be assembled and taken down in a matter of minutes. Some models even come equipped with carrying bags, which makes relocation straightforward.

These auto dealer signs incorporate fully-customized, user-submitted imagery that can be targeted for specific presentations or audiences.

Portability is perhaps the most important characteristic of this signage. Having practical and easy to use outside advertisements is indispensable when it comes to setting up noticeable marketing.
These professional stands are equipped with features that keep displayed flying pennants stretched and visible even when there is little to no breeze.

Many models even rotate around the center support with the wind to prevent tipping. This motion is also eye-catching for many bystanders. With these flags, users will be able to advertise in heavier winds.