Success Story! Belinda Hunter Family Reunion T Shirts

I actually started calling around for our Family Reunion T Shirts about 6 months before the reunion just to get prices.  I Googled Family Reunion T-shirts and I saw the ad and called.   I called several people that day and I just found Terry to be very helpful and answered all my questions.  He asked me a lot of questions about my family and seemed to care more about the reunion than he did about actually selling me t-shirts, lol.

I chose Ferret Brothers because Terry mentioned his T-shirt kickstart program and I got a discount plus I got to see the design and fix mistakes before I ordered and I got free shipping.  I didn’t pay until they were shipped out and he texted me a picture of the t-shirts in the boxes and the ups label before I paid.  That was important to me because I am located in Illinois and I was nervous with him being so far away.

The quality of the t-shirts was great and the design was great.  Exactly what we were looking for.

I would definitely recommend Ferret Brothers to my friends because they were eager to help me, the price was great, and the shipping was fast.