Rich Prine

I generally place a t-shirt order every quarter for my business and I’ve been using Terry for about 5 years now.

I used a few different companies before that and my experiences had mixed results. Some were good and some were bad.

I called initially because the last place I used closed and I had to find someone new and I’ve never went anywhere else since.

The customer service is excellent, the quality is great and they are always on time. Terry calls to check in on me quite a bit just to say hi and to see how I’m doing.

I would definitely recommend Ferret Brothers, in fact, I carry Terry’s cards with me to give out to other companies I meet on the jobsites. I know that they will always do a great job.

Do you need a reason to Quench Your Soul?

Do you need a reason to Quench Your Soul?

Group of young men and women in bar, sharing pizzaThree reasons I love a nice dinner with friends:

#1…. One hour with the phone turned off.

#2…. The conversations are irreplaceable even though the stories might be tried and true.

#3…. After all these years, there are few people in my life I would rather spend time with than a small group of old friends.

Call an old friend and go to dinner. The quiet nights of a nice dinner might be just what you need to quench the soul.