What is a Carrier Route Report?

The simplest way to explain a Carrier Route Report(CRR) is to say that this is(was) the route that the mail man took when he delivered mail to your neighborhood.
The mail man(carrier) would be assigned a specific route with specific houses that they would follow when delivering the mail. In other words, we can see the actual route that the mail gets delivered in your target market.
This is important when developing a formal marketing plan because you can look at the reports and see which areas might be higher or lower in income and adjust your mailings accordingly.

Do Carrier Routes Change?

Absolutely! As people move, new houses are built, and subdivisions get developed, the USPS updates the routes monthly. As opposed to typical demographic reports which are based on the US Census data and are done every ten years and then projected forward.

What Does a Carrier Route Report Show Me?

A Carrier Route Report will show:
1. Households’ distance from business
2. Apartments vs Houses
3. Median Household Income
4. Median House Value