So where is your favorite place to escape?

So where is your favorite place to escape?

We sometimes escape in a good book or we sometimes escape with a walk on the beach, but every now and then we have to run away and hide in that favorite place where people care that we are there.

You should have a place that you go to when trying to impress, and there is always that other place you go to forget all the baggage in life. Good friends, good conversation and a small intimate place that is just right for you.

Don’t you deserve someplace that is just all about you? If you set aside an hour or two a week just for you to regroup, relax, and escape would you even notice that lost time at the end of your week?

We say to ourselves that we just can’t spare the time but if you were forced to take that time and then you looked back at your week, would you even notice it… would anything less get done? If something small didn’t get done, would it really matter?

Maybe try it this week and then look back at the end of the week and see.