External Marketing is the bread and butter of the marketing program. From a marketing stand-point, direct mail gets the most bang for the buck. A percentage of a business’s budget should be set aside and an aggressive external marketing program should be followed.

Marketing basically has two options, guerilla(or internal) marketing which costs less but requires a lot more pounding the pavement or External marketing such as direct mail, newspaper flyer inserts, newsletters, radio, and others.

We can design a marketing campaign using either or all and integrate and rotate them through your marketing time line.

We have a rule-of-thumb as to how much a business should budget for their marketing each month based on response rates but ultimately it depends on your return-on-investment.

We provide a consulting module on calculating your marketing return-on-investment. Call our office for more information.

Our standard post card is 5.5 x 11.5 and we moved to this size a few years ago because the response rate started to diminish with the smaller post cards. The jumbo post card makes a bigger impact and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with the other mail as easily. We can however, do other post card sizes.

We don’t charge extra for custom design so you are welcome to choose one of our pre-designed pieces, mix and match, or have us design a post card for you from scratch.

Call today to receive a direct mail estimate.